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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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Personal Tax Resources 

2011 Personal Tax Newsletter

The Personal Tax Newsletter contains information and tax saving ideas for the upcoming tax year.  However, in order to take advantage of many of these tax savers, people must take action within the tax year.  Download for helpful information.

2011 Personal Tax Newsletter


2011 Taxation Year Checklists

The following documents are intended to assist with the organization of your personal tax information.  Using these checklists will help to ensure the timely completion of your tax return.

2011 Personal Tax Return Information Checklist - a general checklist that covers the most common personal tax situations

2011 Employment Expenses Checklist - intended for those who can deduct travel expenses, home office expenses and other work related expenses not covered by your employer

2011 Self-Employment or Unincorporated Business Checklist - inteded for those who run their own business, whether incorporated or not

2011 Farm Checklist  - the farm checklist provides a concise form to gather all the necessary information needed to correctly file your incorporated or un-incorporated farm return 



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